The Favorite Food Groups

16 Jan

Okay, so tonight will be short and sweet, as I have to get up at 3:30 am to catch a plane to Mexico!  Whoo-hoo!

First, I just wanted to mention that my little blog was blogged about today!  A local author and friend, Jennifer Anderson, mentioned my picky fam in her blog today.  You can check her out at  You can also read a short story by Jen in the anthology Men in Uniform (available on Amazon)!

Anyway, since we knew we were going to be super crazy tonight, I picked something that I knew the kids would absolutely LOVE and that would be suuuuper easy.  Ready for it, don’t judge me….Peanut butter and bacon (PBB) sandwiches!

Kole and Kennedy both LOVE peanut butter and bacon.  They both ask for spoonfuls of peanut butter as snacks and could each eat a pound of bacon at any given time, if I would let them.  So, I knew, without a doubt, that this would be a hit.  Exactly what I needed on a night when there would be no time to fight.  ( I also stuck a slice of tomato on their plates for them to try, which both did with no pushback, although neither “liked” it.)


Peanut butter

bacon, cooked to your liking and ripped to bite size pieces


Make two pieces of toast

Spread peanut butter on one slice

Add bacon pieces on top of peanut butter ( I used two and a half strips of bacon-y goodness for each sandwich)

Spread peanut butter on remaining piece of toast and place pb side down onto the bacon.

Holy Yummy!  While this reminds me of some sort of pregnancy craving food, it perfectly suited my picky pack and our need for a quick dinner fix from Pinterest.  I also gave them cheetos <gasp> with the sandwich and tomato slice!  They ate it all up and earned all of their points.  I did, however deny requests for seconds.  I thought one PBB sandwich was plenty!  I loved their pb faces after dinner!


Since Sweet Kinlee can’t yet eat pb, she happily munched on a grilled cheese.


Tonight, we made lave lamps (found at  I was going to skip craft time today and omigod, the whining that came with that announcement was like nails on a chalkboard.  Sooooo, plan B, I quickly found the ingredients for lava lamps.  (It is nice to know how much they truely look forward to this part of the day together, even if they express that in a whiney fashion!  It has been less than two weeks since we started, but they actually look forward to this everyday, which makes me smile knowing we have actually instituted a positive change!  Yay, Pinterest, keep these family activity ideas coming!!)

When I told Kennedy that we were making lava lamps, she said, ” Please tell me that we are NOT using gummy bears!”  If your kids watch a lot of  iCarly (and you along with them), you will understand!  She is too funny!

clear bottle(s)
food color
alka seltzer
(or silimar effervescent tablet)


1. Pour oil into your bottle
filling it about 2/3 of the way
2. Pour water into your bottle
a little less than 1/3 to leave some room at the top
3. Add food color of choice ( we used 7-10 drops)
4. Observe what happened to the food color (if you don’t see anything, give it a little swish)
5. Cut 1 Alka Seltzer (or similar) tablet into 8 pieces
(you can use a larger piece if you have a big bottle) – I cut them into 6 pieces
6. Add 1 piece of the tablet at a time & observe the reaction. ( We added the first two one at a time and then we put the last four in at the same time, which made it wayyyyy cooler!)
The kids were laughing the whole time!  They loved seeing what would happen when more and more tablets were added!  They just kept wanting to add more and play!  Kole thought the green (which was Ken’s lamp) turned out better and more “awesome” than the blue.  And while I didn’t tell him this, I agreed!  We have set the lamps aside to see if they still work when we get back from Mexico!  Below are some pics of the process and the outcome!  This is a fun one! 
So, since we will be in Mexico, I am signing off for a week.  The kids are disappointed that they can’t earn points while we are gone.   They are really liking the chance to earn points for their playdates!  Ken is only 6 points away!  She has 44 and Kole has 38!  Yay kids!
See you next Monday!

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