Just Us Girls!

8 Jan

Kennedy was super sad that her brother got to sleepover at a friend’s house last night, she doesn’t understand that he didn’t do this when he was in kindergarten.  She just sees it as “NOT FAIR”!

So, since it was Jerry’s morning to sleep in and it was just us girls up, I thought we could do something fun for breakfast!  I saw that my friend, Megan, had pinned smores croissants and thought they would be perfect!  Kennedy’s favorite food groups are chocolate, sugar, and bacon and this encompassed two out of three!  I didn’t even open the link, since the pic was pretty self explanatory.  I knew we had tons of chocolate that needs to go bye-bye, we always have marshmallows, and I even had the crescent rolls!

So, while I whipped up these bad boys, Kennedy watched Kinlee take every movie off of the movie rack to keep her occupied!



1 package crescent rolls


chocolate (I had a HUGE Hershey’s bar that I need to get rid of, so I decided to use that instead of chocolate chips)


On an ungreased cookie sheet, add chocolate and marshmallow pieces to your crescent rolls

Roll up the dough to form the crescent roll (I pinched the dough together on the sides to keep the melted chocolate and marshmallow from escaping).


Then I made one without chocolate for the baby! (and a few just plain crescent rolls)


Bake for 8 minutes at 375 degrees.



Omigod!! They smelled fabulous, looked so warm and gooey!  Kennedy ate two!  Kinlee gobbled hers up (and bit me really hard, in the process, since I had to feed them to her because they were so sticky!).  I wish I could have taken some pics of the smiles on the girls’ faces while they were eating these bad boys, but my fingers were oozing with gooey marshmallow from feeding this miraculous concoction to the baby!  I highly recommend trying these!

Kinlee has been bouncing off of the walls ever since, so here is my label warning, **May create sugar highs very early in the morning**, but ohhhh so worth it!  Happy Sunday!


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